Innovative university - tool of integration to european educational and research area

Short project description

Overall objective: to optimize the innovative activity at border areas in a form of regional innovation center - Science Park.

Specific objectives:

  1. Study from the European experience on innovative activity of universities;
  2. Development of a mechanism for effective cooperation between science and industry in the framework of cross-border cooperation;
  3. Joint development of training package for introduce in higher educational institutions of border regions.

Detailed project description

Analysis of the main indicators of economic and social development of the region for 2013 proves that the main sources of investment to industrial complex in the region, as in previous years, are mainly funds of enterprises and organizations. As estimated in the years 2014-2015 the increase in production of innovative products by industrial complex in the region will be based on existing scientific and technical achievements of organizations, institutions and companies in the region via investment required credits may be increased to 1.3 - 1.5 times. It will create over 500 new jobs for qualified professionals at the same time increase the annual revenues to the budget of the region in 1.5 times.

The project aims to develop over 2015-2016 the concept on establishment of an innovative European-style University - SHEE "Uzhhorod National University.". This concept should be based on the analysis of European, particularly the V4 countries, and international experience on innovative activity of high school that is working with manufacturing companies in the region and academic institutions of Visegrad countries, Given concept will assist in the context of cross-border cooperation in the Transcarpathian region to create regional innovation structure entitled Science Park "Uzhhorod National University"

Such innovative institution should be established in order to ensure sustainable socio-economic development of the region through implementation of scientific-technical and innovation activities of research institutions, effective use of existing scientific potential, extensive attracting domestic and foreign scientific and technical developments and technology, regional manufacturing, energy, natural raw materials, technology, logistical and human resources.

Target groups and groups benefiting from the project

  • border area mass media;
  • students of higher educational institutions of border regions of Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine;
  • NGOs, implementing policies in the field of transborder cooperation, and in tourism, environment, economic and social development
  • legal entities and individuals whose professional activity is connected with the problems of development and implementation in the production and use of certain patterns of innovative products;
  • academic and research institutions among Visegrad countries interested in intensifying cooperation in innovation;
  • representatives of the regional and district councils, public administration personnel and executive bodies of local self-government, whose professional activity is connected with the problems of sustainable socio-economi

Implementation period from 01.2015 to 05.2016

Project partners

  1. Uniwersytet Rzeszowski (PL)
  2. Debreceni Egyetem (HU)
  3. Technická univerzita v Košiciach (SK)
  4. Uzhgorod local Non-governmental organization “Institute for transborder cooperation” (UA)